Adventure Lights Guardian™ Tag-It™


The Adventure Lights Guardian Tag-It is an extremely lightweight safety and signal light which features a built-in carabiner with spring-loaded quick-clip carabiner mount.

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Easily attachable to a bike, running vest, rucksack, D-rings, straps, handles, belt loops, and much more, this safety light will attach to almost anything, ensuring the user is extremely visible at night.

Incredibly durable, the Guardian Tag-It LED clip on light is temperature resistant (operating effectively at temperatures between -20 to +60°C), high impact resistance (withstanding forces of up to 50-foot-pound), and waterproof rated (up to 100m).

The Guardian Tag-It can be switched between steady-on or flashing modes due to its reverse polarity switching technology. This can be achieved by removing the optical dome and flipping the battery around to choose the desired light mode.

Available in yellow, green, blue, red, and white.

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