Pixfra Pro TPC-BF5601-T-S2


Resilient Thermal Surveillance

The Pixfra Pro TPC-BF5601-T-S2 thermal imaging security camera has been designed to remain resilient in industrial environments. With a sensitive thermal sensor and a range of four objective lens configurations, this camera will achieve excellent thermal detection ranges, along with temperature measurement capabilities used to detect any problems and allow users to intervene before a volatile situation has the chance to escalate. Select a model from the dropdown box below for more information.

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Thermal Optics

The Pixfra Pro TPC-BF5601-T-S2 features a sensitive 640×512, 17µm, <40mK NETD thermal sensor, offering exceptional thermal detection capabilities, detecting even the smallest heat signature at ranges of up to 2,288m — seriously bolstering any security and surveillance efforts. This camera is available in four different models, each with a different objective lens configuration, and therefore a different detection range and FOV.

The small uncooled VOx (Vanadium Oxide) sensor allows for greater levels of thermal detail than would be achieved through a camera with a larger sensor — ensuring it achieves better visual information in its observation location; and offers improved accuracy when taking temperature measurements, detecting minute temperature changes with ease.

Detection Range by Objective Lens:

  • 5 mm: 490 m (vehicle), 221 m (human)
  • 13 mm: 850 m (vehicle), 382 m (human)
  • 25 mm: 1,634 (vehicle), 735 m (human)
  • 35 mm: 2,288 (vehicle), 1,030 (human)

FOV by Objective Lens:

  • 5 mm: H: 91.2°, V: 70.3°
  • 13 mm: H: 48.9°, V: 38.8°
  • 25 mm: H: 24.6°, V: 19.8°
  • 35 mm: H: 17.6°, V: 14.1°

Temperature Measuring Capabilities

The Pixfra Pro TPC-BF5601-T-S2 also features temperature measurement capabilities, allowing users to set custom temperature thresholds within the observation area, sounding an alarm and alerting them when these parameters are exceeded. This function is particularly useful in industrial settings in which volatile substances are dealt with on a day-to-day basis, such as chemical plants, oil extraction factories, and power stations — warning users of any potential evolving risks and allowing them to take the necessary action before the situation escalates. Temperatures can be measured between -20 °C to 550 °C.

AI Functionality Built-In

Pixfra’s Intelligent Video System (IVS) is a built in video analytics algorithm that is designed to enhance users’ observation capabilities through a range of AI functionalities. These include the Tripwire function, wherein a user will set a virtual tripwire by way of a digital line across the FOV, receiving an alert when this line is crossed; Intrusion Detection, which works similarly to the tripwire function, and allows users to set a virtual perimeter, alerting them when this area is encroached; and the ability to accurately differentiate between human and vehicle activity.

Certified Durability

With its IP67 rating, this camera has been designed to remain resilient and withstand the elements. It is protected against water and dust ingress, and will remain fully operational in extreme temperatures between -40°C & +70°C — making it the perfect choice for use in industrial settings, or for outdoor observation where protection against harsh weather conditions is required.

*Please note: Product imagery is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change. Actual product may vary slightly in appearance.


Taking Thermal & Night Vision Outside of the UK.

Thermal imaging and night vision products are strictly controlled by ITAR regulations and are subject to UK Government Export Licensing Regulations. Dependent on specification, a licence may need to be obtained prior to the export, even temporarily (e.g. holiday), from the UK.

Additionally, some countries may be embargoed, and no thermal imagers or night vision devices can be taken or exported to them. It is the responsibility of the exporter, whether it be a company or individual, to ensure that such a licence is obtained.

Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

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Detector Type Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane detector
Sensor 640×512, 17µm, <40mK NETD
Spectral Range 8 μm – 14 μm
Focal Length 7.5 mm; 13 mm; 25 mm; 35 mm
Image Setting Brightness/Sharpness/ROI/AGC/FFC/3D DNR
Color Palettes 18
Field of View 7.5 mm: H: 91.2°; V: 70.3°
13 mm: H: 48.9°; V: 38.8°
25 mm: H: 24.6°; V: 19.8°
35 mm: H: 17.6°; V: 14.1°
Focus Control Athermalized; Focus-free
Detection Distance* 7.5 mm: 490 m (vehicle); 221 m (human)
13 mm: 382 m (vehicle); 850 m (vehicle); 382 m (human)
25 mm: 1,634 m (vehicle); 735 m (human)
35 mm: 2,288 m (vehicle); 1,030 m (human)
Recognition Distance† 7.5 mm: 126 m (vehicle); 57 m (human)
13 mm: 219 m (vehicle); 98 m (human)
25 mm: 420 m (vehicle); 189 m (human)
35 mm:588 m (vehicle); 265 m (human)
Identification Distance† 7.5 mm: 63 m (vehicle); 28 m (human)
13 mm: 109 m (vehicle); 49 m (human)
25 mm: 210 m (vehicle); 95 m (human)
35 mm: 294 m (vehicle); 132 m (human)
Note * Detection Distance: Detects objects, but cannot recognize their characteristics (objects must cover more than 3.6 pixels of the image).

† Recognition Distance: Classifies objects into general categories, such as human, vehicle (the object must cover more than 14 pixels of the image).

‡ Identification Distance: Classifies objects into specific categories based on their characteristics, such as engineering truck, car (the object must cover more than 28 pixels of the image).

Temperature Measurement Range Low Temperature Mode: -20°C to +150°C (-4°F to +302°F)
High Temperature Mode: 0°C to +550°C (+34°F to +1022°F)
Temperature Measurement Accuracy Max (±2°C, ±2%)
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F)
Temperature Measurement Mode Spot: 12
Line: 12
Area: 12
Support 12 rules simultaneously
Audio and Video
Video Compression H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
Video Frame Rate Main Stream:
Thermal: 1280×1024 / 720P / 400×300 @25/30fps
Sub Stream:
Thermal: 640×512 / 400×300 @25/30fps
Audio Encoding G.711A / G.711Mu / AAC / PCM
Bit Rate H.264: 640 ~ 8192Kbps
Bit Rate Control CBR/VBR
Region of Interest Off/On (4 zone)
Motion Detection Off/On (4 zone, Rectangle)
Digital Zoom 4x (19 levels)
Image Flip 180°; Mirror
Privacy Masking Off/On (4 area, Rectangle)
IVS Tripwire, Intrusion
Advanced Intelligent Functions Fire detection & alarm, Cold/Hot spot trace, Human/Vehicle classification
Ethernet RJ-45
Network Protocol IPv4/IPv6, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL, TCP/IP, UDP, UPnP, ICMP, IGMP, SNMP, RTSP, RTP, SMTP, NTP, DHCP, DNS, PPPOE, DDNS, FTP, IP Filter, QoS, Bonjour, 802.1x
Interoperability ONVIF Profile S & G, API
Streaming Method Unicast/Multicast
Max. User Access 10 users / 20 users
Edge Storage Micro SD (256GB) Memory status display (Normal / Error / Active / Formatting / Lock), NAS (Network Attached Storage), Local PC for instant recording
Web Viewer >IE8, <Chrome42, <Firefox42
Management Software SmartPSS; DSS
Certification CE (EN 60950: 2000)
FCC (FCC Part 15 SubpartB)
Video Interface 1 port (CVBS/BNC)
Audio Interface 1/1 in/out
RS485 Support
Alarm 2/2 in/out
Power Supply DC 12V/PoE/ePoE
Power Consumption Max. 13W
Environmental Characteristics
Operating Temperatures -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +158°F)/Less than 95% RH. Start up should be initiated at above -40°C (-40°F)
Storage Temperatures -40°C ~ +70°C (-40°F ~ +158°F)/Less than 95% RH
Ingress Protection IP67
Physical Characteristics
Product Dimensions 291mm× 103mm× 97mm (11.46″ x 4.06″ x 3.82″)
Casing Metal
Net Weight 1.5Kg (3.31 lb)
Gross Weight 1.9Kg (4.19 lb)



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