Pixfra Ultra TPC-SDA8441


Enhanced Surveillance Capabilities

The Pixfra Ultra TPC-SDA8441 features both digital and thermal channels, offering enhanced surveillance capabilities by day and at night. With independent pan, tilt, and zoom functionality, this camera is extremely versatile and will guarantee every movement within the observation area is captured.

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Impressive Thermal Capabilities

With two fixed focus thermal imaging lens options (25mm, 50mm), and featuring a sensitive 400×300, 17µm, <35mK NETD thermal sensor, this camera will capture every movement within its considerable field of view, detecting even the smallest heat signature at distances of up to:

  • 2,262 m (Vehicle) / 735 m (Human) [25 mm lens]
  • 4,525 m (Vehicle) / 1,471 m (Human) [50 mm lens]

Several digital and AI functionalities are included to enhance this camera’s performance, including tripwire; intrusion detection; the ability to differentiate between human and vehicle activity; boat detection; 19 levels of digital zoom, enabling closer inspection of an object or individual of interest; and the choice of eighteen colour palettes, designed to adapt the camera in ever-changing environmental conditions.

Powerful Digital Optics

A powerful 2560×1440 CMOS sensor enables high quality digital optics through the visible channel, with a 4MP camera used to capture high-quality images within its field of view.

For closer inspection of an observed subject, the Ultra TPC-SDA8441’s visible channel features a 0.5 – 2 m close focus distance and a 45x optical zoom, reaching its highest zoom level in less than 7 seconds.

Images remain crystal clear thanks to a built-in defog function, so users can rest assured their surveillance efforts won’t impeded by adverse environmental conditions.

Autonomous Observation

With its independent pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) design, this surveillance camera will offer exceptional levels of autonomy; allowing users to position the device however they wish, and enabling them to track movement within the observation area.

The Pixfra Ultra TPC-SDA8441 also features:

  • IP66 waterproof rated
  • –40 °C to +65 °C operating temperatures
  • Surge protection
  • Two-way audio
  • Audio & light alarm
  • Cold & hot spot trace
  • Target tracking: Single-scene tracking; multi-scene tracking; panoramic tracking; manual tracking; alarm linked tracking


*Please note: Product imagery is for illustrative purposes only and is subject to change. Actual product may vary slightly in appearance.


Taking Thermal & Night Vision Outside of the UK.

Thermal imaging and night vision products are strictly controlled by ITAR regulations and are subject to UK Government Export Licensing Regulations. Dependent on specification, a licence may need to be obtained prior to the export, even temporarily (e.g. holiday), from the UK.

Additionally, some countries may be embargoed, and no thermal imagers or night vision devices can be taken or exported to them. It is the responsibility of the exporter, whether it be a company or individual, to ensure that such a licence is obtained.

Failure to comply is a criminal offence.

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Detector Type Vanadium oxide uncooled focal plane detector
Sensor 400×300, 17µm, <35mK NETD
Spectral Range 8 μm – 14 μm
Focal Length 25 mm; 50 mm
Field of View 25 mm: H: 15.5°; V: 11.6°
50 mm: H: 7.8°; V: 5.8°
Thermal Focus Control Fixed-focal
Detection Distance* 25 mm: Vehicle: 2,262 m (7,422.71 ft); Human: 735 m (2,411.42 ft)
50 mm: Vehicle: 4,525 m (14,845.43 ft); Human: 1,471 m (4,826.12 ft)
Recognition Distance† 25 mm: Vehicle: 555 m (1,820.67 ft); Human: 189 m (620.08 ft)
50 mm: Vehicle: 1,110 m (3,641.33 ft); Human: 378 m (1,240.16 ft)
Identification Distance‡ 25 mm: Vehicle: 280 m (919.00 ft); Human: 95 m (311.68 ft)
50 mm: Vehicle: 560 m (1,838.01 ft); Human: 189 m (620.08 ft)
Digital Detail Enhancement (DDE) Yes
Digital Zoom 19 levels
Thermal AGC Auto/Manual
Thermal Noise Reduction 2D NR/3D NR
Image Flip 180°; Mirror
Color Palettes 18 (white hot/black hot/fusion/rainbow/golden autumn/midday/iron red/amber/jade/sunset/icefire/painting/pomegranate/emerald /spring/summer/autumn/winter)
Image Sensor 1/1.8″ CMOS
Maximum Resolution 2560×1440
Pixel 4 MP
Minimum Illumination Color: 0.001 lux@F1.4
Black & white: 0.0001 lux@F1.4
0 lux (IR on)
Visible AGC Auto / Manual
Visible Noise Reduction 2D NR/3D NR
S/N Ratio ≥55 dB
White Balance Auto; manual; indoor; outdoor; tracking; sodium lamp; street lamp; natural
Defog Electronic defog
Electronic Shutter Speed 1 s–1/30,000 s (auto/manual)
Digital Zoom Yes
Day / Night Auto (ICR); Color; B/W
Iris Control Auto
Image Flip 180°
Exposure Compensation Yes
Visible Focus Control Auto / Semi-Auto / Manual
Focal Length 5.5 mm – 248 mm
Zoom Speed <7 s
Field of View H: 61.8°–2.2°
V: 36.3°–1.3°
D: 69.2°–2.4°
Close Focus Distance 0.5 m–2 m (1.64 ft–6.56 ft)
Optical Zoom 45x
Aperture F1.4–F4.5
Illuminator On/Off Control Auto/Manual
Illumination Distance 250 m (820.21 ft)
Audio and Video
Video Compression H.265; H.264; H.264H
Resolution Thermal:
Main stream: 1280 × 1024; 1280 × 960 ; 720p (1280 × 720); 400 × 300; 1280 × 960 (default)
Sub stream: 640 × 512; 640 × 480; 400 × 300; 400 × 300 (default)
Main stream: 4 MP (2560 × 1440); 1080p (1920 × 1080); 720p (1280 × 720); D1 (704 × 576); 1080p (default)
Sub stream: D1 (704 × 576); CIF (352 × 288); D1 (704 × 576) (default)
Video Frame Rate Thermal:
Main stream: 1 fps–25 fps, 25 fps by default
Sub stream: 1 fps–25 fps, 15 fps by default
Main stream: 1 fps–25 fps, 25 fps by default
Sub stream: 1 fps–25 fps, 15 fps by default
Audio Compression G.711a; G.711mu; PCM
Image Encoding Format JPEG
Pan/Tilt Range Thermal:
Pan: 0° to +190°
Tilt: –5° to +180°
Pan: 0° to 360°
Tilt: –30° to +90°
Manual Control Speed Thermal:
Pan: 0.1°/s to 100°/s
Tilt: 0.1°/s to 90°/s
Pan: 0.1°/s to 180°/s
Tilt: 0.1°/s to 100°/s
Preset Speed Thermal:
Pan: 0.1°/s to 100°/s
Tilt: 0.1°/s to 90°/s
Pan: 0.1°/s to 180°/s
Tilt: 0.1°/s to 100°/s
Preset 300
Tour 8 (up to 32 presets per tour)
Pattern 5
Scan 5
Power-Off Memory Yes
Privacy Masking 4 by default
Idle Motion Preset; Pattern; Tour; Scan; Horizontal Rotation
Two-way Audio Yes
Sound and Light Alarm Yes
Region of Interest (RoI) Yes (customizable)
Storage Micro SD card
Micro SD Card (Max.) 512 GB
Interoperability CGI
Browser IE: IE8 and later
Chrome: 42 and earlier
Firefox: 42 and earlier
User / Host Up to 20 (total bandwidth: 64 MB)
Security Authorized username and password; attached MAC address; encrypted HTTPS; IEEE 802.1x; controlled network access
User Management Up to 20 users; supports multi-level user permissions (2 levels): management group and user group
Malfunction Detection Network disconnection detection; IP conflict detection; memory card state detection; memory space detection
PiP Yes
Cold/Hot Spot Trace Yes
IVS (Perimeter Protection) Yes. Supports tripwire and intrusion.
Target Distinction Human/Vehicle Classification
Target Tracking Single-scene tracking; multi-scene tracking; panoramic tracking; manual tracking; alarm linked tracking.
Boat Detection Yes
Network Port 1 × RJ-45 (10/100 Base-T)
Alarm Input 7
Alarm Output 2
Audio Input 1
Audio Output 1
RS-485 1
Power Supply 36 VDC/5A ± 25%
Power Consumption Basic: 30 W Max: 58 W (illuminator)
Operating Temperature –40 °C to +65 °C (–40 °F to +149 °F)
Operating Humidity ≤95%
Protection IP66
Reliability Surge protection: 6 kV
Air discharge: 15 kV Contact discharge: 8 kV
Product Dimensions 484.8 mm × 267 mm × 476.5 mm
(19.09″ × 10.51″ × 18.76″) (L × W × H)
Packaging Dimensions 708 mm × 380 mm × 580 mm (27.87″ × 14.96″ × 22.83″) (L × W × H)
Net Weight 15.9 kg (35.05 lb)
Gross Weight 21.5 kg (47.40 lb)
Notes * Detection Distance: Detects objects, but cannot recognize their characteristics (objects must cover more than 3.6 pixels of the image).

† Recognition Distance: Classifies objects into general categories, such as human, vehicle (the object must cover more than 14 pixels of the image).

‡ Identification Distance: Classifies objects into specific categories based on their characteristics, such as engineering truck, car (the object must cover more than 28 pixels of the image).




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