Spypoint® FORCE-48


High Resolution Observation

Keep up to date with activity in your observation area with the Spypoint FORCE-48 trail camera. Featuring an incredible 48MP camera, this trail camera will capture stunning photos and 720p videos (with audio) in full colour by day and black and white by night. The FORCE-48 is the perfect choice for those who like to stay in the know when it comes to activity on their land or property.


Stunning Photos & Videos

The FORCE-48 trail camera from Spypoint features an astonishing 48MP camera, a 0.5s trigger speed, and a 24m (80ft) detection and flash range, capturing any movement on your property or land in high-resolution images and 720p video (with sound). These images and videos are captured in full colour by day and in black and white by night and are stored to the device via an SD card.

Multiple Capture Mode

The FORCE-48 features three capture modes: Photo, Video, and Time-Lapse, the latter of which will take photos at user defined intervals, making this trail camera ideal for monitoring an area at specific times of day. The FORCE-48 also offers multi-shot mode, which captures up to five photos per detection for closer inspection.

Covert Nighttime Observation

48 low-glow infrared LEDs achieve a flash range of 24m (80ft), effectively illuminating your observation area whilst remaining almost completely imperceptible to the naked eye. This means you can reliably capture images and videos at night without worrying about spooking any wildlife or being detected by the human eye. Infrared boost will even allow you to maximise the lighting in your observation area at night, so no movement goes undetected.

In Brief, the Spypoint FORCE-48 Features:

  • 48MP photos
  • 720p videos
  • 5s trigger speed
  • Three capture modes
  • Multi-shot mode
  • 24m (80ft) detection range
  • 24m (80ft) flash range
  • 48 low-glow LEDs
  • Infrared boost

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