Spypoint® LIT-22 Rechargeable Lithium Battery


Prolonged Observation Opportunities

The LIT-22 offers far superior battery life to a standard set of alkaline or lithium AA batteries, and over time is a much more affordable option for keeping your camera powered.


The Spypoint LIT-22 rechargeable lithium battery provides greater power solutions to the FLEX wireless trail camera, reducing the number of trips needed to replace batteries. This 7.4V, 5.4Ah battery is easily fitted once the standard battery tray has been removed. Users can alternate between the battery tray and the LIT-22, meaning the device can still have power via standard batteries once the LIT-22 is being recharged. Users can buy a pair of LIT-22 batteries to ensure the FLEX is powered by a rechargeable battery all year round — prolonging the camera’s operation time and reducing unwanted waste produced with single-use batteries.


  • 7.4 volts
  • 5.4 amp-hours
  • AC charging cable included


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