Spypoint® SOLAR-DARK – Camo


Achieve Near-Constant Observation…

The Spypoint SOLAR-DARK will provide almost constant observational control, with high-resolution image capture, HD video recording capabilities, and a built-in solar panel ensuring constant, reliable power.


12MP Camera and HD Video Recorder

The SOLAR-DARK features a 12MP camera to present stunning high-resolution still images, and a full HD 1080p video recorder for videos so clear it’s like you’re standing in your observation area. Video duration can be chosen in the settings, with 10 – 90 second options available. With a detection range of up to 33m (110ft) and a detection angle of 40°, this trail camera presents clearly distinguishable colour images by day; and 42 LEDs provide a flash range of 27m (90ft) for black and white images at night.  These IR LEDs are invisible and do not startle wildlife or give away a cameras location to trespassers.

Multiple Camera Modes

Features multiple camera modes, including multi-shot mode, which takes up to 6 photos per detection, and time lapse mode, which allows the SOLAR-DARK to take a photo once in every set period of time (1 minute – 24 hours). These modes can be chosen in the setting section on the 2.0” LCD screen during setup. Images are stamped with the date, time, temperature, and moon phase to provide as much information as possible.

Reliable Power

One of the FORCE-DARK’s standout features is undeniably its built-in, weatherproof solar panel. Running on either x8 AA batteries (not included), or a LIT-09 battery pack (not included), this solar panel works to keep the battery running for as long as possible, using solar energy to charge the device, allowing it to work reliably for months on end before a battery change is needed; ultimately saving the time it would take to get to the camera, and the money used on fuel to do so.

Withstands the Elements

Remaining water resistant, this trail camera offers complete observational control, even in adverse conditions, working effectively at temperatures between -30 °C to 50 °C (-22 °F to 122 °F). Its grey camouflage detailing blends seamlessly into foliage, hiding it from curious wildlife and opportunist thieves.

Mountable Anywhere

Like all Spypoint cameras, the SOLAR-DARK uses versatile straps to facilitate robust mounting to trees, pillars, fencing, or any other similar outdoor structure, and standard 1/4″-20 tripod mounting capabilities offer even greater flexibility.


Detection Range Up to 33m (110ft)
Detection Angle 40°
Motion Detector Infrared sensor
Trigger Speed 0.7 s
Photo Resolution 12 MP
Video Resolution 1280x720p
Photo Format .jpg
Video Format AVI
Video Length Adjustable from 10 – 90 seconds
Time Lapse Mode 1 min to 24 hour intervals
Multishot Mode Up to 6 photos per detection
Capture Mode Colour by day, black and white by night
Delay Between Each Detection Adjustable from instant to 30 minutes
External Memory SD/SDHC card (up to 32 GB)[not included]
Power Source(s) Internal reachargeable battery (included) (not accessible)
Illumination Options 42 powerful LEDs
Night Light Range Up to 24m (80ft)
Dimensions 18×9.6×8 cm (H,W,D)
Operating Temperatures -30 to +50 °C



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