Vosker® V100


Enhance Your Observation Capabilities

Achieve greater control over your location with the Vosker V100 4G cellular security camera. Removing the need for a Wi-Fi connection, this camera uses 4G-based mobile connectivity to notify users of camera triggers and transmit images to a smartphone or tablet connected using the free Vosker app.


4G Cellular Connectivity

The Vosker V100’s 4G connectivity means this camera is ideal for observing vacant properties, construction sites, commercial properties, farms, holiday homes, rural properties, rental properties, car parks, marinas, and so forth — allowing the user to receive notifications to their phones whenever, wherever, without using lots of data.

4G connectivity will transmit photos only. When the V100 is in Video mode, video will be recorded and saved to the onboard SD card only, and these videos will need to be transferred to a computer before they can be viewed. Enabling Photo First mode will allow the V100, once triggered, to send a still image before a video is recorded.

Quick and Easy Setup

The V100 comes with a pre-activated SIM card, SD card, and mounting bracket for a quick and convenient setup. Ready in just a few minutes, this wireless security camera comes with 30 days of unlimited high-resolution photos; or users can take advantage of Vosker’s free starter plan, which offers 100 photos per month. More mobile security plans are available.

Vosker Sense AI Image Recognition

Available with the free Vosker app, Vosker Sense AI technology works to identify human and vehicle shaped objects when the camera is triggered, only sending a notification to the user’s phone in relevant instances. This technology allows the camera to accurately differentiate between human disturbances and instances where wildlife wanders past the field of view, reducing the number of notifications the user will receive and ensuring unwanted alerts are kept to an absolute minimum.

Reliable Power

The perfect solution for off-the-grid surveillance, the V100 can run effectively on multiple reliable power sources, including 8x AA batteries (not included), or 12V external battery pack (sold separately), each providing months of power before a recharge or change of batteries is needed. Maintaining low data usage and low energy consumption, the Vosker V100 offers maximum autonomy.

Fully Weather Resistant

This 4G cellular security camera is completely weather resistant with a rugged design, working perfectly in all types of conditions — including heavy rain and snow, and ensuring the desired location is observes in all types of environments.

Colour and Monochrome Images

The V100 incorporates IR LED lights to provide night vision capabilities, offering colour images by day and black and white images by night. These IR LEDs assist the adjustable wide-angle motion sensor, to remain just as reliable in the dark as it is in daylight.


Photo Resolution Full HD 1920×1080 on SD card and 600×338 on mobile app
File Format JPG
Time Lapse Mode Customisable preset intervals
Multi Photo Mode Up to 2 photos per detection
Information Stamped on Photos Date, time, temperature (°C/°F)
Operation Mode Photo, video, time lapse or photo and time lapse
Capture Mode Colored photos by day and black and white by night (with IR) – White IR LED with smoke glass window (super low glow)
Night Vision (IR setting) Blur reduction, boost, and optimal
Optical Field of View 43.6°
Video Access SD card only
Video Resolution 1080p, 10 fps
Video File Format AVI
Video Length 10 s, 30 s, 60 s, and 90 s
Photo First Takes a picture before recording. Make sure to enable PHOTO FIRST option in the mobile app to allow the camera to send a photo to your phone for every video recorded.
Capture Mode Color by day and black and white by night (with IR)
Audio Recording No
Memory Capacity External memory: SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB (8 GB card included)
Power Source Lithium or standard batteries: 8 × AA (not included) or lithium battery pack V-LIT-B (not included) required to operate the camera
12V Power Jack: 12V battery (V-CASE-12V) or 12V adaptor (V-AT12V)
Detection System PIR
Detection Angle 50°
Motion Sensor 1 sensor for a total of 5 detection zones
Detection Range 100ft
Optional Delay Between Detections Preset delays of 10 s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min and 30 min
Trigger Time 0.03 s
Night Vision/Flash LED: 42 LED (45°)
Type: White LED super low glow
Flash Range: 90 ft
Exposition: Automatic adjustment of infrared light strength
SIM Card Included
Mobile Connectivity 4G
Reception Mobile app or web app
Required Carrier No specific carrier
Synchronisation Frequency 1/day, 2/day, 6/day, 12/day or each detection
GPS Localisation System N/A
Camera Configuration Mobile app or web app
Trial Period 30 days unlimited photos to test all the features. Free plan offered.
Language English, French, Spanish, and German
Sensitivity Settings Low, normal and high
Date Format mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy
Photo Stamp Information Yes, when enabled
Temperate Units °C or °F
Information in “About” Menu S/W, H/W, model, device name, IMEI, SIM, region, and modem version
Schedule Set Up Complete control over schedule
Time Format 12h/24h
External Antenna Included
External Extra Long Antenna Sold separately
Mounting Bracket Adjustable mounting arm and strap included
Operating Temperature Range 40°C to -40°C
Certifications FCC, CE, IP65 Weather-resistant
Dimensions (HWD) 19.05×11.17×13.208 cm

What's In The Box

  • Camera
  • SIM Card
  • 8GB Vosker SDHC Card w/Case
  • Antenna
  • V-MT360 Mounting Bracket
  • Strap
  • Quick Start Guide


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