Vosker® V200


Uncompromising Security

Remove the need for a Wi-Fi connection with the intuitive Vosker V200 LTE Solar Cellular Camera, a wireless security camera that offers a strong and reliable connection and transmission of high-resolution images to a smartphone or tablet via LTE based mobile connectivity and the free Vosker app.


LTE Cellular Connectivity

Ideal for several applications, the V200 is the perfect security camera for those wishing to maintain control over vacant properties, construction sites, commercial properties, farms, holiday homes, rural properties, rental properties, car parks, and marinas, sending notifications straight to a connected smart phone or tablet whenever the camera is triggered.

This LTE connectivity will only transmit still images. Video mode will allow video to be recorded and saved to the onboard SD card only, and these videos will need to be transferred to a computer before they can be viewed. Activating Photo First mode will send a still image before a video is recorded.

Built-In Solar Panel

Features a built-in, weatherproof solar panel, providing a near constant power solution which, in tandem with the 10,000mAh Lithium battery pack, will ensure the camera remains operational for months on end before a battery recharge is needed.

2 Inch Display

An integrated 2-inch screen is included in order to enable on the spot camera set up, displaying all you need to get the camera up and running, and a Test mode that can be used for optimal alignment of the camera.

Quick Setup

The V200 security camera has been designed to offer a fast and easy setup, so the user can get up and running in no time without worrying about complicated settings changes. To ease this setup, the camera comes with an SD card included, along with a pre-activated SIM card, and a mount. Users are also offered 30 days of FREE unlimited high-resolution photos, Vosker’s free starter plan, and a selection of security plans.

Vosker App

The free and Vosker app — available on iOS and Android app stores — offer a range of convenient features to make operation of Vosker cameras as easy as possible, including viewing photos captured on the device, customising notifications to receive only the relevant alerts, and managing all devices connected to the app in one place.

Vosker Sense

Vosker Sense AI technology is built into the Vosker app, working to identify human and vehicle shaped objects when the V200 is triggered, sending a notification to the user’s phone only in relevant instances. Vosker Sense accurately differentiates between human disturbances and instances where wildlife wanders past the field of view, reducing the number of notifications the user will receive and ensuring unwanted alerts are kept to an absolute minimum.

Fully Weather Resistant

Weather resistant with a IP65 rating and a rugged design, the V200 works perfectly in all types of conditions — including heavy rain and snow, and ensuring the desired location is observes in all types of environments.

Colour and Monochrome Images

Uses 42 super low-glow IR LEDs with a flash range of up to 30m to provide night vision capabilities, offering colour images by day and black and white images by night. These IR LEDs assist the adjustable wide-angle motion sensor, to remain just as reliable in the dark as it is in daylight.


Photo Resolution Full HD 1920×1080 on SD card and 600×338 on mobile app
File Format JPG
Time Lapse Mode Customizable preset intervals
Multi Photo Mode Up to 3 photos per detection
Information Stamped on Photos Date, time and temperature (°C/°F)
Operation Mode Photo, video, time lapse or photo + time lapse
Capture Mode Colored photos by day and black and white by night (with IR) – White IR LED with smoke glass window (super low glow)
Night Vision (IR Setting) Blur reduction, boost, and optimal
Optical Field of View 43.6°
Video Access SD card only
Video Resolution 1080p, 10 fps
Video File Format AVI
Video Length 10 s, 30 s, 60 s, and 90 s
Photo First Takes a picture before recording. Make sure to enable PHOTO FIRST option in the mobile app to allow the camera to send a photo to your phone for every video recorded.
Capture Mode Coloured photos by day and black and white by night (with IR)
Audio Recording Yes
Capacity External memory: SD/SDHC card up to 32 GB (8 GB card included)
Built-In Screen 2.16” TFT-ACL (configuration or viewing screen)
Zoom and Pan Functions Available
Viewing Functions 9 photos as tiles or cycle through pictures
Viewing Options View/zoom, date and time, lock/unlock, delete, delete all, and format SD card
Lithium or Standard Batteries 8 × AA (not included) or lithium battery pack V-LIT-B (not included) required to operate the camera
12V Power Jack 12 V battery (V-CASE-12V) or 12 V adaptor (V-AT12V)
Solar System Built-in solar panel
Internal battery: 4000mAh lithium internal battery
Maximum voltage accepted: 12V
Charging time for internal battery: charge for 24 to 48 hours before first use
Detection Sytem PIR
Detection Angle 50°
Motion Sensor 1 sensor for a total of 5 detection zones
Detection Range Up to 100ft
Optional Delay Between Detections Preset delays of 10 s, 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min and 30 min
Trigger Speed 0.07s
Night Vision/Flash LED: 42 white super low glow LEDs (45°)
Flash Range: 100ft
Exposition: Automatic adjustment of infrared light strength
Dimensions (HWD) 19.05×11.17×8.38 cm

What's In The Box

  • Camera
  • SIM Card
  • 8GB Vosker SDHC Card
  • Antenna
  • V-MT360 Mounting Bracket
  • Strap
  • Quick Start Guide


Setup Guide

Quick Start VideoActivating the V200

Before activating the Vosker V200:

  • Internal batteries must be charged for 24-48 hours using the supplied power cord. The camera must be powered OFF while you are charging it.
  • If you are using the rechargeable battery pack, V-LIT-B, it must be charged for 12-24* hours before use. *May vary depending on the type of charger and the battery level at the time of charging. Use the provided USB cable for charging. Once plugged in, the LED on the battery unit will turn red. You will know the charge is complete when the LED turns green.
  • If you are using AAs, you must use non-rechargeable batteries and premium quality Lithium or Alkaline only.
  • Download the VOSKER mobile app from Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS). This will allow you to control your VOSKER camera remotely.
  • Open the latch of the camera and insert the provided MicroSD card into the card slot. Always ensure that the camera is OFF before inserting an SD card.

Activating the Vosker V200:

  • Open the VOSKER app and select “ACTIVATE NEW CAMERA” from the Welcome screen.
  • Select the model “V200” from the dropdown options and select “NEXT”. The app will then prompt you to scan the barcode.
  • Locate the barcode code inside the battery case door on the back of the camera. Select “SCAN” on your app to let your phone scan the barcode.
  • Your camera has now been registered. Select “DONE”
  • Enter your Email address and Password and select “LOGIN”.
  • Your camera has now been activated! You will receive a confirmation email.

Turning the V200 on:

  • When you turn the camera on, it will start searching for a signal.
  • Once the signal bars are stable, you should see 2 to 5 bars on the camera screen, depending on coverage strength.
  • Click on ‘Start Camera’ and choose your mode, E.g., Photo, and a 30-second countdown will start when the front delay LED starts flashing red.
  • Once the countdown is over, the screen will go off, wait until the ‘Busy’ LED on the back of the unit (a faint light at the bottom) turns OFF for at least 10 consecutive seconds.
  • When the ‘Busy’ LED has been OFF for 10 seconds, wave your hand in front of the unit to get it to take a photo. You should then see the ‘Busy’ LED light-up again and stay steady during the cellular transfer, which means the camera is taking and transmitting photos.
  • Wait for the busy LED to turn OFF. Once off, at this stage, the photo should be available in your phone app/web app.
  • Navigate to the Status tab of your VOSKER app and check the “Last communication” to see if the camera has updated its status with the latest information.
  • You can then change the settings according to your preference. The new settings will take effect at the next transfer time.

Note: There may be a delay of 20-120 seconds for the camera to make the first communication or transfer the first photo/video to the app.


Installing the Vosker V200

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