Helpful Tips & Videos

Our selection of helpful tips and videos have been designed to make use of your thermal imaging or digital night vision devices even easier when it comes to surveillance or security. Check out our latest videos below, and check back frequently — new videos are uploaded all the time!

One Minute Guides

Produced in order to demonstrate just how easy it is to set up and operate Pulsar devices, our selection of quick 1 minute video guides offer handy tips designed to make using your device as simple as possible.

Fixing a Fuzzy Image

Find out how easy it is to fix a fuzzy image on a Pulsar Axion, Helion, Merger, or Accolade device with our quick guide on how to use the dioptre control.

Connecting to Your Smartphone

Connecting a Pulsar device to your smartphone to make use of all the Stream Vision 2 connectivity benefits is nice and easy. Find out how in our one minute guide.

Why Pulsar Devices Occasionally Freeze

Wondering why a Pulsar thermal imager will occasionally freeze? This one minute guide will explain everything you need to know about device calibration.

Controlling Your Device with Your Phone

Find out how to control your Pulsar thermal imaging device using your smartphone with Stream Vision 2!

Thermal Imaging for Security & Surveillance

Here at TJ Protect, our sole aim is to provide reliable observation and surveillance solutions for those looking to improve their security operations, but we understand that choosing the right device can sometimes be difficult. Take a look at a few demo videos of just a small selection of products in our extensive range.

Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 Pro

Considered the gold standard when it comes to thermal imaging monoculars, check out our video to see what the Pulsar Helion 2 XP50 Pro could add to your security and surveillance arsenal.

SiOnyx Aurora Pro

The SiOnyx Aurora Pro is perfect for night-time observation thanks to its powerful CMOS sensor and crystal clear full colour night vision capabilities. Take a look at how it performs in moonless starlight.

Vosker Security Cameras

Designed to offer 24/7 security in locations without access to a power source and with little to no cellular reception, take a look at our Vosker range to decide which one is best for you!

Spypoint FORCE-PRO

With no-glow LEDs built-in, the Spypoint FORCE-PRO is perfect for covert observation, sending photos and video to your smartphone the moment it is triggered. Check out how it performs by day and after dark in our demonstration video.

Useful Accessories

Check out a selection of videos demonstrating some essential accessories for thermal imaging, night vision, and wireless security camera devices — all designed to enhance your security capabilities.

Pulsar Flat Glass Mount

Pulsar Window Frame Mount

Pulsar Flip-Up Phone Mount

Pulsar Tree Mount

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